Jewellery Materials and Care

All our pieces are made to last and are created using the highest quality materials – but like all the finer things in life, you must take care of your pieces to extend the longevity of them. 

What Is Your Jewellery Made Of?
We specialise in using only fine metals as bases for all our pieces, ensuring they are all 100% lead and nickel free. Therefore, all our jewellery has a base of either 925 Sterling Silver or 316L Stainless Steel, depending on the style of the jewellery. Our Sterling Silver pieces are stamped with the 925 mark - indicating the purity of the metal. All of our 316L Stainless Steel products are 100% tarnish proof.

We predominantly produce our gold pieces using 18k Gold Plating on 925 Sterling Silver with 2 microns of gold plating (four times more plating than the universal standard). This means a much thicker layer of real gold is used to plate the jewellery compared to standard gold plating. Because of this thickness of gold, these pieces are made to last and are that extra bit special. 

In order to be both affordable and durable, some of our more fun, bigger, statement, gold pieces are either PVD Gold Plated on 316L Stainless Steel, or are standard 18k Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver. This allows us to bring you beautiful jewellery without compromising on quality, but being sensitive on affordability. 

Some of our pieces also have stones, including both white/coloured Cubic Zirconia or fresh water pearls.

Exact materials used for each piece can be found in the product description.

Caring For Your Jewellery
All orders come with jewellery care instructions and a complimentary silver polishing cloth. This should be used to clean and polish your jewellery to retain their sparkle and lustre. 

Jewellery should be stored individually in a cool, dry place - preferably in your Quia Omni box or pouch. This is to prevent your favourite pieces rubbing together, getting scratched or tangled. This will also prevent any oxidation from taking place. Your Quia Omni pouch comes with a built in divider to prevent pieces from rubbing together. 

We advise keeping all pieces away from water to avoid quality complications caused by unwanted chemicals in the water. Remove all jewellery when bathing, washing up, showering or swimming. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, sprays, body lotions or any other harsh chemicals. 

Remove all jewellery before going to bed or participating in any physical activity. Natural oils and sweat produced by the body may cause discolouration. 

A Note on Tarnishing 
Tarnishing happens when excessive oxygen and moisture is in the air. To avoid the dreaded tarnish, you need to ensure you store your jewellery well away from any harmful moisture or liquid. Storing your jewellery in a dry, airtight place (such as your Quia Omni box/pouch) will prevent any oxidisation from taking place.