About Us

Quia Omni (pronounced Qwee Om-Knee) is Latin for 'For All'.

This is the ethos of what the Quia Omni brand represents; jewellery for all, both inclusive and diverse with something for everyone. 

Founded in London in 2021 by two sisters, Quia Omni brings to the market beautiful jewellery for everyday wear. Made with high quality materials, without the huge mark up’s, our jewellery can be accessible and enjoyed by all.

As siblings with very different styles, one passion we shared from a young age was jewellery. In Quia Omni, we hope to share this passion and inspire you with all our pieces. As Diane Von Furstenberg once said: “Jewellery is like the perfect spice - it always compliments what’s already there”. 

Growing up, we struggled to find jewellery that was both high quality/long lasting, but also reasonably priced. We often found that you either got one or the other, paying over the odds for some pieces or paying much less for jewellery which was only good for a few wears. That's when we decided to bring our passion to life and start Quia Omni. We strive to provide you with high quality, beautiful pieces without the high marks, so you can confidently wear our pieces.

You may have noticed all of our pieces have beautiful names. Although the majority of the names have a Latin origin, we have some pieces which are named after special, important people in our lives. Check out the jewellery descriptions to find out who the pieces are named after.  

We are truly glad that you have stopped by and hope you love our pieces and will consider shopping with Quia Omni today. 


The Quia Omni Family