Mixing Metals in Jewellery (Gold vs Silver)

Can gold and silver jewellery be worn together?

I don’t remember whether it was someone that once told me you shouldn't wear silver and gold jewellery together, or perhaps it was not really seeing people mixing metals growing up, but I always thought you were either team gold or team silver. Never both. 
Personally, when I was younger I was very much a silver jewellery fan. I naturally gravitated to silver pieces, particularly those with lots of bling. However, as I got older, something about gold jewellery suddenly seemed irresistible to me. It looked so luxurious and expensive and soon after purchasing a few gold pieces, I became a fully-fledged member of team gold.

Wearing gold and silver metals together was once regarded as the ultimate fashion faux-pas, however times are quickly changing.

I am seeing more and more people these days mixing their metals and layering up both gold and silver pieces together - and I’m here for it! The most common example of mixing metals in jewellery can be seen in two-tone watches.

It’s not just mixing gold and silver though, rose gold has also been thrown in the mix. I’ve seen some beautiful combinations of silver and rose gold worn together, creating a beautiful balance with the warmth of the rose gold pieces and the cooler tones of the silver.

Mixing metals can be done with necklaces, bracelets and even ring stacks. For example, layering up your ring stack with silver and gold rings. You can have silver pieces on your index finger, followed by a gold ring on your middle finger.  

My personal favourite way to mix metals with rings is to layer up rings on one finger. Either by wearing one silver and one gold ring on top of one another, or creating a mixed metal sandwich; silver, gold, silver ring layered.

In regards to the necklaces, mixing metals creates a unique look and can add dimension on a plain canvas such as a simple white t-shirt or plain black sweatshirt. Playing with different length chains such as a choker and a longer chain also works well and adds a nice contrast.

Simple bracelet stacks mixing gold and silver bangles will catch the light and create a modern and unique look, without being too overpowering.

An easy way to start mixing metals that I found was wearing gold jewellery with clear cubic zirconia stone. The stones have a cooler tone appearance which pairs nicely with silver and can make your look more cohesive and tie it all together.

But that’s the best thing about jewellery - you can have fun with it and there are no rules. So, go crazy and if you create any mixed metal stacks with our pieces, be sure to hashtag #quiaomni or tag us on Instagram @quiaomni.
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